-- arsenicCatnip [AC] began pestering centaursTesticle [CT] at 21:31 --
AC::33 < *ac purrounces on her meowrail*
CT:D --> Nepeta
CT:D --> Stop this f001ishness at once
CT:D --> Wait
CT:D --> Nepeta
CT:D --> You are alright
AC::33 < *ac looks up very pawtiously* are you sure?
CT:D --> I am aware that you are dead
CT:D --> But
CT:D --> I
CT:D --> I'm sorry
AC::33 < what are you sorry for? *ac frowns*
CT:D --> For having you bear witness to my death
CT:D --> As a moirail I am supposed to protect you
CT:D --> And I
CT:D --> I failed
CT:D --> I am a failure
CT:D --> I have no right to call myself of noble b100d
CT:D --> I have no right to call myself your moirail
AC::33 < but i couldnt protect you either! *ac tears up and purrtends to smile*
AC::33 < but we still had each other to the end
CT:D --> I could have stopped him
CT:D --> I could have allowed you to live
CT:D --> Yet I failed
CT:D --> I succumbed to my own sick desires and I let you die
AC::33 < *ac starts to cry* but... you were always the best meowrail, to the end...
CT:D --> No
CT:D --> I was not
CT:D --> I restricted you from doing the things you enjoyed
CT:D --> I bossed you around
CT:D --> I told you countless times that your interests were childish and immature
CT:D --> I put you down
CT:D --> I was not fit for being the occupant of your pale quadrant
CT:D --> I never was
AC::33 < but you kept me in line and and you were always there no matter what you or i said or did!
CT:D --> That does not matter
CT:D --> In the end
CT:D --> I failed you
AC::33 < *ac hugs close to ct* purrlease dont think like that!
CT:D --> Nepeta
CT:D --> Please do not hug me
CT:D --> I don't deserve your comfort
AC::33 < you do and you need it! purrlease! i will stop with the roleplays and the cat puns and everything!
CT:D --> Nepeta
CT:D --> Do not change who you are
CT:D --> You are perfect in the troll you have become throughout the sweeps I have known you
CT:D --> You always have been
AC::33 < you have too though! you were always the purrfect meowrail!
AC::33 < i need you to see that
AC::33 < we all have our own faults and downfalls
AC::33 < its beclaws of that that we needed each other!
CT:D --> I
CT:D --> I suppose that you are right
AC::33 < so purrlease dont be this way!
CT:D --> I am sorry for what I have said
AC::33 < *ac hugs ct close and cries*
[09:52] -- centaursTesticle [CT] takes a moment to realize what is happening and gently wraps his arms around his Moirail, his long ebony locks draping over her as he holds her close, rocking back and forth in a hope to ease her cries as he does. --
CT:D --> Please do not cry, Nepeta
AC::33 < you cant blame yourself beclaws that hurts *ac points to her chest* right here!
AC::33 < will you purrlease cheer up furr me?
CT:D --> I suppose it would be something I might consider
AC::33 < its really not your fault
AC::33 < i really hope you understand
AC::33 < i am sorry i wasnt able to save you or avenge you
AC::33 < just remember you really were purrfect
-- arsenicCatnip [AC] gave up trolling centaursTesticle [CT] at 22:10 --
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